We are proud to call the great state of Tennessee and city of Nashville home to Tennessee Brew Works and its adjoining tasting room, the Tennessee TapRoom.  

The tasting room is open Wed-Thu-Fri 5-10PM, Sat 2-10PM, and Sun 2-8PM, at 809 Ewing Ave, in the heart of Music City. For updates, please check back here, subscribe to our Newsletter, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We're looking forward to serving you "Finely Tuned Craft Beer"!


Tennessee Brew Works was the first brewery in North America to utilize the Meura Micro Mash Filter (001 is on our serial number) with the superb quality of the U.S.-made Aegir Brewing System to create all of our brews; fostering one of the greenest brewing process in the region. 

The 25-barrel brew system is uniquely designed to offer a higher level of efficiency and automation than is customary for a brewery of this size. These efficiencies equate to greater savings on energy and raw material usage.

The brewing process is certainly resource intensive, but this brew system may use up to 50% less water, 20% less raw materials, and 20% less energy than a traditional lauter tun system.

While holding a relatively smaller presence in the North American craft beer market, approximately 25% of the beer produced in the world is brewed utilizing a Meura Mash Filter!